"There where life, colors and light merge together to create new forms, emotions turn into images."

I am a freelance videographer based in Sharm el Sheikh, specializing in underwater videos and documentaries.

How I got here? It's a long story!
Basically, I felt like I was driven by the need to let people know how wonderful the underwater world is. I wanted people to enjoy the play of colors, lights, sounds you may find diving deeply into marine life.

This brought me to the main job of filming people during their diving and snorkeling holidays, to give them the chance to bring back home their emotions in the form of a full HD video.

Then, some other opportunities arose, giving me the chance to create promotional videos and events videos, always keeping the underwater world as a protagonist.


Promotional videos & documentaries

Private videos for special events or diving/snorkeling holidays

Post production editing of your videos

Post production correction of your photos

PADI "Digital Underwater Photography" Courses

PADI "Underwater Videography" Courses

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